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Creating a More Diverse,
Equitable and Inclusive
Workforce for the
Second Quantum Revolution

The National Quantum Literacy Network

is a nonprofit social enterprise, based in the Washington DC region, representing a broad coalition of business, government, nonprofits, and academic organizations. Our mission is to help build new skills and increase quantum workforce opportunities through greater participation from historically underserved communities in the Second Quantum Revolution.

A National Imperative

We are at a pivotal time in history, with the confluence of powerful events presenting an opportunity for change. The COVID 19 pandemic is reordering society and introducing new thinking, “new normals” of life that are yet to be fully realized or understood. At the same time our country is re-reckoning our legacy of racial prejudice, its past social constructs and what a new more diverse, equitable and inclusive society should look like. Layer in the revolutionary power of new quantum technology, with its ability to soon disrupt existing business models, drive new discoveries, markets and industries, and empower new competitors and adversaries, we find ourselves at a moment of necessary and urgent change.

To this end NQLN is bringing together industry, education, and government to develop new skills building systems targeting the unique learning requirements of communities mostly excluded from our technology wealth. Studies show that our past approaches, while well intentioned, have done little to progress underserved communities and their participation in STEM fields. Without new thinking the status quo will just continue in this new and rapidly evolving quantum market.

Today’s urgent societal imperatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Creating new opportunities for communities

More fairness and equity in the opportunities

Expected to exceed $31 billion by 2026, driving trillions of dollars of wealth over the next 20 years.

The National Quantum Literacy Network aims to fill a critical gap in the quantum workforce supply chain by engaging students from K-16 and beyond, from under-resourced and underrepresented communities.

Our Focus

The NQLN recognized the lack of, and need for, a standardized quantum taxonomy, adaptable curriculum, and targeted training to include the broad participation of network organizations to design and address the need for historically underrepresented groups in quantum science and industry. NQLN’s early program focus includes:


National Quantum Literacy Week (NQL Week) will be the premier nationwide event for promoting the advancement of historically underserved groups and communities in the new emerging quantum industry. The inaugural National Quantum Literacy Week will build awareness to market opportunities, provide learning resources, and connect potential participants, employees, and employers black, brown, and first-generation communities.


At the NQL Week, the NQLN team will introduce Quantum Literacy as an emerging field of study and industry training strategies. The team will also showcase the availability of innovative micro-credential certification platforms designed and targeted to individualized instruction powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. NQLN will provide focused modules to introduce, and instruct, non-technical users to skills needed to obtain employment in the quantum market.


Adequate financial investment is critical to empower success for new learners and diverse communities. NQLN seeks to raise $100 million for a dedicated development fund from government, philanthropy, and corporate workforce development partners. Scholarship funds will provide assistance to students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges and Universities, community colleges, trade and training schools. These institutions and other innovative educational programs serve the needs of the national workforce for competitive advantage and national security.


During the National Quantum Literacy Week, the NQLN team will announce the five year entitled, “Quantum Literacy: A Solution in Closing the Gap in Hyper-Disparities Impacting Historically Underrepresented Institutions”.

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